About Us

In 1992 by giving our name to voice response system technologies,

we were founded in Istanbul. As one of the leading names of the sector, we started to offer robot operator and IVR technology services. As we were continuing to grow as an integrator we also made an important investment and established our own R&D department. In 2004, we created our own brand in the sector with Viases IVR and got one more step closer to our goals. In 2006, we made an agreement with Verint, which is one of the world’s biggest companies in its own field. We put our mark under yet another first in as a short a time of two years and realized the world’s first WFO project. In 2013, we opened up to the world by making a partnership agreement with Genesys, which is also one of the best companies in its field. In 2014, we were given the ‘’Highest Revenue Achiever’’ award. In 2015, thanks to our 23-year-old R&D experience and innovative structure, we put our mark under a giant project and provided the sector with our Viases Cloud Contact Center product. Today, with many awards we were given and our over 5000 completed system installation experience, we continue to give support to companies in all sizes and from all sectors.

Our Vision

As a globally recognized brand, our vision is to provide all our domestic and international customers with top-quality services and become a company that exports technologies throughout the world.

Our Mission

At SYS, our mission is to offer our customers quality and state-of-the-art products in accordance with their needs and in the top-quality service manner, as well as to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level and to provide services that are beyond expectations. As was the case up until now, we will continue to offer services as a brand that not only makes technology integrations in the field of call center systems but also produces these technologies.

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