Çağrı Merkezi Fuarı

11. Following Istanbul Call Center Fair and Conference

We have been attending the Call Center Fair and Conference since the day it started. This year our stand included the products of our business partners Verint and Genesys in addition to our own products. As was the case with the previous years, at this year’s fair we once again acted in accordance with our...
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Çağrı Merkezi Güvenlik

Physical Safety at Call Centers

It is not possible to implement an information safety management system in an environment lacking physical safety. Thus, obstacles such as barrages, barriers, fences, walls, wire fences etc. should be positioned in the appropriate places of the building in order to ensure the environmental safety. No obstacle is impassable. Obstacles should be kept under supervision....
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Çağrı Merkezi Motivasyon


Call center means motivation. Ensuring the employee motivation is one of the most important problems of call centers. Many factors from salaries and shift working right to training sessions and interior decoration should be taken into consideration for call center agents who are expected to offer through one single call the fastest service of the...
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Cloud computing is a model that provides a network connection to the pool where on-demand and easily-accessible, ready-to-use, and configurable computer sources are shared. In addition to reducing operational costs, cloud technologies have become the main point when it comes to offering practicability and visible productivity for everyone who uses radical business inventions, new business...
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Çağrı Merkezi Zaman Yönetimi


Call Center Time Management – If you ask your call center team leaders/supervisors about their most important and primary duties, they would generally reply as “Ensuring the motivation of our agents”, “Responding to our agents’ questions and meeting their needs”, and “Taking calls when necessary.” No doubt, these are very important but the people who are...
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Çağrı Merkezi Sorun

1) The Call Center Problems that are pain in the back of the managers

The most frequent call center problem managers come across the most is the agent planning. While the most important thing for the customer satisfaction is to make sure that the caller reaches the agent within the shortest time possible, managers are obliged to follow legally-determined reaching times but they have difficulties as they also have...
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Genesys Innovation

We knew we were outside the box, now we have an award to prove it.

Genesys Powering Partners Day, an annual event where Genesys picks the “Bests of the Sector” was held at The Edition Hotel this year. Attended by many domestic and international participants, the event distributed the 2015 Business Partner Awards. SYS was awarded the Most Innovative Partner of 2015 with its Viases Cloud Contact Center product, which was...
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An interview with Bülent Soysal from Albaraka Türk

We talked with Bülent SOYSAL about SYS and call center technologies. What is the biggest reason behind why you attach such an importance to call center technologies? There are two important reasons, of which one is the customer satisfaction. The second one is about the call center technologies’ ability to reduce the workload on the...
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Everything About Scripter with SYS General Manager Tümer Gürkok

What does a scripter mean to a call center? Call centers are today’s technological communication centers, which boast the highest amount of business volume and employment opportunities in the service sector and which house many business lines.  Some call centers work in the blended structure whereas some specialize in telesales. These kinds of call centers...
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