Speed up the value-making process with a wide range of cloud communication center services that reveal the power of extraordinary customer experiences and ensure new income opportunities

Cloud is the end user model of the Internet protocols-based information technologies. The ease of remote access to information systems, the increased safety, as well as the scalability and reliability of today’s high level cloud-connected model help organizations dynamically provide and scale the virtualized and shared resources.

Cloud communication center solutions must as flexible as to support your organization’s safety, process, and platform needs.

It has three key architectural options that should be taken into consideration by the organizations that aim to modernize and broaden the features of their communication centers: Completely cloud, in-company, and hybrid distribution.

Genesys’ cloud offerings ensure scalability, speed, and safety. Genesys’ cloud communication center solutions can improve the journey of your customer by increasing the customization and ensuring consistent and committed customer experiences throughout the contact points. We meet your customers’ special channel preferences such as mobile, SMS, and social media. Cloud communication center solution helps your organization make a quicker entrance to the market and achieve its goals in a more flexible way.

Genesys offers all types of cloud-based call center and communication center applications. These applications include ACD routing, IVR, reporting, supply and representative optimization applications. Corporate software and data available on the servers run from remote data centers are safely stored in these applications. In many circumstances, old applications can be integrated with hybrid-model cloud services in order to ensure an easy passage and maximum customer flexibility.