Contact Center Modernization

Modern Corporate Communication Center

The fact that corporate call centers modernize their business processes and platforms to support omnichannel customer experiences in order to achieve better company results is the main element that makes them stand out among their counterparts.

Organizations looking for ways to modernize their corporate call centers with no fuss and low costs should take these five important steps:

1. Changing the expiring ACD

Towards the end of the life cycle of the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) system, the equipment storage starts to become more and more costly and risky. The mandatory updates and the probability of interruption made the replacement of this technology a fundamental step towards serving today’s customers.

2. Customer Experience Innovation

Making innovations in customer experience while gaining advantage from advanced corporate company processes is the ideal approach for communication center modernization. This approach ensures a permanent infrastructure to achieve optimum customer experiences with the lowest operational cost. Removing organization silos and getting rid of the limitations emerging due to the old technology help you provide a consistent customer experience at all communication points and customer experience channels. In addition, this helps you maintain your competitive advantage in all of your markets.

3. Renewing the infrastructure for switching from TDM to SIP

The future of TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) systems is unclear as they are hardware-based systems that include high operational costs and are difficult to implement. PBX infrastructure, which could not keep up with the technology, limits the functionality of ACD and offers limited expandability features. The fact that PBXs have shortcomings when it comes to interoperability and upgradability directed organizations to pursue more flexible and dynamic solutions. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an open standard that will speed up your switch to an IP-based communication center. The power and flexibility offered by SIP-featured ACD change provide the organizations with the opportunity to reach the freedom to adapt fast architectural and management models to their companies and carry out new applications and services. IP software keys, ACD as the software application layer, and the SIP application are the triggering components of this evolution.

4. Operation Productivity Gains

Employing a good number of people who has the relevant educational background to efficiently use a range of various customer interactions is getting more and more difficult with each day goes by at a communication center. But now you can make sure that each customer reaches the most suitable representative. Many companies like you virtualizes their communication centers to get the highest efficiency from their most important assets; their employees.
With its highly scalable and flexible communication center virtualizing process, Genesys offers you everything you need to ensure a perfect customer experience. Genesys makes it very easy to ensure a strong and visualized customer services environment that directs all customer interactions among your departments, teams and locations. This is supported with the Constant Workforce Optimization approach including planning, scheduling, and running all your employees.

5. Omni-channel Interaction Management

Omni-channel interaction points made the end-to-end customer journey very complicated. Genesys Customer Experience Platform is way beyond its rivals when it comes to the opportunities to provide consistent and omnichannel’s customer experience at all digital contact points and channels. The platform, which saves the interaction history together with the content details, makes the calls efficient when customers switch among channels. Genesys supports many digital channels including the web (e-mail, forms, chat, WebRTC, social media) and mobile (SMS/MMS messages, self-service, applications) in order to offer consistent experiences independent from the channel used.