Corporate Workforce Management

Organizations are required to focus on creating excellent customer experiences and multi-channel customer journeys in their call centers in order to improve their customer retention rates.  However, common business applications related with corporate workload management may put the customer loyalty at risk.

End-to-end Customer Journey Management

Call centers has been ever turning into substantially effective and productive organizations in deployment of the different communication channels such as voice, e-mail, chat and even social media interactions.  However, when it comes to monitoring the customer calls or management of offline business tasks, the observation showed that efficiency levels drastically drop since such offline business elements are not managed with the same principles applied to interaction channels.

Back Office Optimization

In a typical customer services organizations, offline business elements are left unmanaged and no monitoring is applied to the time necessary for determining such elements. This makes virtually impossible to optimize the effective work time of your agents. And back office staff may be less efficient than those of customer operations. Business elements are stored across many different applications or systems and your staff may use their times inefficiently while “searching” another task or what is worst is they may prefer to do tasks they like over their important tasks.

Improve Efficiency via Automation

Supervisor is required to assign the tasks manually to their own teams and manage different datasets to monitor the efficiency.   This limited view on the workload reduce your operational efficiency, resulting in backlogs and adverse effects on the service level agreements.  As a result, your customers experiences inconsistencies and delays in your services and tries to communicate with you to get to know reasons of such inconvenience.  This adds a new layer of inefficiency and complexity in management of the end-to-end customer experience. Solutions for corporate workload management integrates real-time availability of your call center agents and back office staff with the skill-based routing opportunities.  Now, your supervisors can manage their offline contact center tasks and back office elements more efficiently.


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