Desktop and Process Analytics

Follow Your Processes

Desktop and Process Analytics

Measure the application use rates.

  •  Which employees spend how much time in which application?
  • How much time does an employee spend in selected screens?

Follow the Activities

  • For how many times do employees repeat a certain activity?
  • How much time do activities take?  (Organization / Employee)

Follow the Processes

  • How much time does a selected process take from start to end?
  • How much time is spent to carry out the process?
  •  How do different colleagues carry out the steps of different processes?
  • Are the realized processes in compliance with the regulation?

Set alarms and automation

  • Manager alarms
  • Pop-up guides for employees based on screen content/action.
  • Provide information from one application to another.

Measure and Run the Distant Offices

You can centrally measure and evaluate your branches.  Its hierarchical structure lets you separately evaluate and report all operational organizations. You can separately follow all branch employees and carry out an employee-based planning.

Verint DPA


You can use DPA to understand how the work is being done on your employees’ computers and which task is being carried out on the desktop. DPA records and analyzes all the actions on a client for you.

What Does DPA Support?

  • It supports employee efficiency and sales.
  • It increases employee performance.
  • It ensures process compatibility.
  • It arranges employee planning.
Desktop and Process Analytics

DPA helps you better understand your employees’ use of applications. In addition, you can obtain detailed information about the use of time and use this information in order to direct your employees to be more productive, assign them with different tasks, and increase the efficiency.