Desktop & Process Analytics

You can view and analysis how frequent your staff uses which systems and applications.  You can measure efficiency of the applications that they use and their compatibility with your processes.

Measure usage rate of applications

*How much time is spent by which staff for which application?
*How much time staff spends for selected screens?
Monitor the activities
*How many times an employee repeats a certain activity?
*How long does each activity take?  (Organization / Employee)
Monitor the processes
*How long a certain process takes from start to end?
*How long does it take to complete a process?
*How different process steps are performed by different colleagues?
*Are processes in compliance with regulations?
Set up and adjust alarms and automations
*Manager alarms
*Screen content-action-dependent pop-up guides for staff. 
*Transfer information from one application to the other.

Measure and Manage Remote Offices

You can centrally measure and evaluate your branches.  With the hierarchical structure, you can evaluate and report all business organizations individually.  You can monitor employee of each branch individually and develop employee specific planning.

Why Desktop & Process Analytics (DPA)?

You can use DPA to understand how the work is done in the computers used by your staff and which work is done in the desktop.  DPA records and analyses for you all activities stored on a server.

What DPA Supports?

*Supports Staff Efficiency & Sales.
*Improves Staff Performance.
*Ensures Process Compatibility.
*Arranges Staff Planning.
With DPA, you can have a better understanding about application uses of your staff.  In addition, having comprehensive information about their schedules, you can provide guidance to make them more efficient and improve their efficiency by assigning different tasks. 




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