Develop skills, knowledge, abilities and business loyalty of your Call Center staff. With Gamification, all staff of your business will be included in performance management system and compete in a competitive environment. You can properly measure and manage performance of your business.

Gamification is a methodology and approach which improves loyalty, motivation and cooperation in order to realize behavioral and operational transformation.  Associate gamification with targets and improve performance. Reveal the capacity of your organization with an integrated set consisting of Scorecards, Coaching, e-Learning and Gamification products and effectively put performance management in place. 

What is Gamification?

A philosophy and a body of methods aimed at making certain activities more effective and useful by using gaming-related concepts and actions in the activities outside the gaming context.  First of all, gamification is not a “game” per se, rather making interactive and attractive the non-gaming environments, notably of business world, by incorporating awarding systems and competitive components used in the games in them also by using digital design methods.

What is the difference between Game and Gamification?


– There are objects and rules to use them.
– There are winners and losers.
– There is a story and an according design.
– It must designed as a whole and run independently.
– It has costly and complex production.


– Rules are rather for completing tasks.
– Generally there is no losers, rather supported to take action
– Supports the underlying process.
– Integrates with existing process, runs separately.
– Simple to integrate

Motivation with Models

There are different definitions coined for gamification, which vary depending on the environment and discipline it is used for.  However locus of these definitions is it being applications which stimulate an individual to be a part of process and make the process attractive by boosting up individual’s motivations and all these being done under a certain basic motivation metrics.

External Motivation

– Money
– Badge
– Award
– Penalty
– Salary
– Bonus
– Promotion

Internal Motivation

– Expertise
– Volunteerism
– Goal

Real-Time Feedback

Real-Time Feedback assisting in boosting up the staff performance in a faster and more proper fashion. 

Behavior Management

You can monitor the behavior of your staff with the targets assigned.  Make KPI Definitions and assign tasks.  Enable them to monitor their own performance in tandem with you. .


Thanks to the micro training, you can facilitate and assess trainings through exams and readily accessible databank.


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