Our History

Founded 30 years ago, SYS is a leading company when it comes to robot operator and voice response system technologies and it has always concentrated on the products and services including IVR and IVVR systems, call center systems, call center management systems, audio recording systems, unified communications, PBX systems, and call center system integration services. SYS is one of the leading Turkish companies capable of providing all call centers in any size with the services including system integration, software development, and technology supply. From the smallest to the biggest, many call centers at home and abroad use products and services offered by SYS. 28-Year-Old Experience: Since 1992, SYS has been offering solutions both at home and abroad regarding voice response systems, IVR systems; call center management systems, and turn-key call center establishment. SYS products serve many customers both at home and abroad.

When it was founded in Istanbul in 1992, it started to give service as technology services such as robot operator, IVR from the pioneers of the industry and became the company that gave the Voice Response Systems to the technology.
On the other hand, while continuing to grow as an integrator, SYS, which established its own R & D department, took its own brand name in the sector with Viases IVR in 2004.
In 2006, he signed an agreement with Verint, one of the biggest companies in the world in his field, and successfully realized the world’s first WFO project in as little as 2 years.
In 2013, he was awarded the SYS “Highest Revenue Achiver” award, signing a co-operation agreement with Genesys, one of the best in the field.
In 2015 SYS signed a gigantic project, a product of 23 years of R & D experience and knowledge, and brought the Viases Contact Center product to the cloud.
Today, SYS continues to provide support to a wide range of companies from every sector with superior service understanding with many awards and more than 5000 completed system installation experience.
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