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Advanced Call Center Applications

Your business is safe with us as we carry you higher with the world’s leading brands and back you up with our own products to see you at the top of your game, offering a high-quality service at all times with globally recognized brands like Genesys, Verint, Viases, and Wavecom.


It offers the basic call center needs or specially developed and customized high-tech products. The expert team of SYS has so far completed over 5000 projects.

Cloud Call Center

Viases Cloud solutions meet all your call center needs from one single place. The cloud technology ensures a safe access from everywhere. 



 We help you record all of your calls without any limitation to the number of ports thanks to our voice recording technology and dynamic structure.



Gamification is a digital efficiency solution, which has proved to be advantageous many times. This solution has also been preferred by many international companies in recent years.



Verint Workforce Optimization introduces you the technologies that will increase your company efficiency from end to end.


Customer Engagement Management

We help you increase your customer loyalty and make sure that your customers can contact you 24/7 via all communication channels.



Everything That Your Call Center Needs

Vıases Cloud Contact Center

A great deal of channels is in use to communicate with customers and run customer services as well as the amount of technology to deal with the amount of channels and processes effectively in today’s world.
Viases Cloud Call Center offers quick and effective solutions for all the channels you use to communicate with your customers. Besides, no technological investment needed!

Enter The Omnichannel World


Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center solution is the only solution that helps you offer an omnichannel experience during your customer journeys. As it provides a complete 360 degree view at one single platform, you can design your customer journeys, make them realize, and measure their success.

Omni Channel


You can see and analyze which, and how often, systems and applications are used by your employees. You can also measure the efficiency of these applications and see if they are in accordance with your processes.

SocIal Engagement

Companies now use social media platforms for their marketing and promoting activities. Verint analyzes all social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn, as well as online forums and messaging applications and reports the critical information for you.

Work Force Management

Verint WFO ile firmanızın verimliliğinizi uçtan uca arttıracak tenolojilerle tanışın. Firmanıza özel çözümler ile müşteri memnuniyetinin yanında çalışan performansını da arttırın. İş Gücü Optimizasyonu ile Karmaşık sistemleri optimize edin , kaynaklarınızı en verimli şekilde kullanın. Detaylı raporlarla nokta atışı tespitler yaparak süreçlerinizi mükemmeleştirin.

You can carry out a conversation analysis with unique skills and benefits.

Verint Speech Analytics

In order to improve the customer experience at your company, first of all, you have to be recording the existing experience. Analyzing the recorded experience, on the other hand, forms the most critical step of the evaluation. Use the Verint Speech Analytics product to customize all the recorded speeches and analyze them within seconds thanks to its filters and high analysis technologies. Report the customer insights and give an ear to your customers with Verint privilege.

Employee Loyalty for Customer Loyalty


Gamification is a methodology and approach that increases commitment, motivation, and cooperation in order to carry out the behavioral and operational transformation. Relate the gamification with objectives and enhance the performance.

Çağrı Merkezi Oyunlaştırma
Process Runner



ProcessRunner helps you manage your customer services with low costs. It makes sure that you provide your customers with fast and quality services and increase their satisfaction. In addition to being able to adapt to all communication channels, it also easily integrates with your company CRM, ERP, and all telephone switchboards so as to make sure that you follow-up all your business processes.


  • We had very few problems during the installation and usage of Viases. SYS provided us with its strong support and solution-oriented approach whenever we needed. SYS also made tangible contributions when it comes to effectively running our incoming call traffic, increasing work efficiency, and measuring our service quality.

    Bayram Kont
    ‎Vision Consulting Manager
  • Katılım Emeklilik is a company that has always paid a great deal of attention to customer interactions since the day it was founded. Our call center is essential for us as it is our first contact point with customers. It is very important for us to provide our customers with the right information at the right time and meet all their needs and requests through our call center. During our research for call center technologies, we held meetings with many call center technology brands that could meet our criteria, and we reviewed their software in detail. We knew SYS from their collaboration with Albaraka Türk and they were also among the brands we talked with. As a result of our research, we found out that SYS could offer many of our desired functions. We also liked the price-performance advantage and thus decided to work with SYS.

    Mustafa Aydın
    Head of PMO and Operations / Katılım Emeklilik
  • Prior to working with SYS, we used to do everything manually which we go for automatically and this definitely provided us with about 30-35%-workforce gain. Thanks to this, we reached the right customer with the right resource and reduced the possibility of making mistakes. In brief, we can say that we increased our productivity and flexibility. We provided convenience in everything from data verifications to other things, and we gained an error-free structure that can be easily managed.

    Bülent Soysal
    Call Center Manager / Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası
  • We opted for SYS Viases program for the technical infrastructure of our Communication Center established within Fenerbahçe Sports Club for the Project “Target: 1 Million Members.” We better understood that we made the right decision as we used the system. Operational efficiency, follow-up, reporting, voice recording, and uninterrupted technical support are essential when it comes to this business and, to this end, SYS has always been by our side as the perfect solution partner with all of its departments. Its both efficient and fun to work with those who well know what teamwork means and prefer to be one of you instead of being a solution partner.

    Fenerbahçe Çağrı Merkezi
    Tevfik Cemal GENÇER
    Contact Center Manager





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