Workforce Optimization (WFO)

With Workforce Optimization, you can achieve improvements in Work Flow Management and Agent Performance at the advanced levels fully integrated with infrastructure of your Call Center.

With WFO, meet the technologies which will boost up efficiency of your company end-to-end.  With the solutions exclusive to your company, improve not only customer satisfaction but also staff performance.  Optimize Complex systems and use your resources in the most efficient manner with Workforce Optimization. With the in-depth reports, reveal spot-on findings making your processes excellent.  SYS’s professional staff will assist you closely familiarizing with Workforce Optimization solutions and having a solution exclusive to you.

With Workforce Optimization, you can keep track of project-based processed and lead performance management.  You can compare multiple organizations in your business with each other and make measurements according to Workforce Optimization KPIs that you defined.  You can have answers to many important topics such as Voice Analysis and Performance Management System of your Call Center.

Performance Management

With Performance Management you can perform all-in-one measurement and evaluation of KPIs that is important for you such as Customer Experience, Sales Management, Marketing Performance, Call Performance, Service Performance, Support Performance on the basis of individual, team and organization and performance management with respect to your staff. 



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