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What is IVR?
IVR is an automatic voice response system which serve to interact with callers by dialing or voice commands.  You can easily provide services such as billing inquiry, debt reminder, credit card payment, survey, appointment reminder via IVR system without needing a customer agent.

Thanks to IVR, you can minimize your costs, automate routine works which need one or more customer agents.  Since error rate is reduced to zero thanks to automated processes, you can provide your services more securely.  With a 24×7 available IVR system, you can make your customers enjoy the privilege of a seamless service.   Thus, freed from the restrictions of work hours, your customers can transact at any time and at any place, fast and secure.

A well-conceived IVR system will surely reinforce your image as a customer-first and technologically skilled company.  Thanks to its flexible and user-friendly web interface, you can design your IVR scenarios faster and easily with drag&drop.  Without IT assistance, you can add new scenarios to the system, update your existing scenarios.  You can generate reports from the same system and analyze your data in depth.


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