Customer Engagement and Cross Channel Integration

Cross-channel interaction center

Cross-channel interaction center helps you run the process of your inbound and outbound calls from one single center and always provide your customers with the same kind of quality. It saves the standard postings and automatizes your ProcessRunner processes. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to contact your customer using your desired channel in a proactive way at any service point during the customer’s journey.




Intelligent 360° customer view

ProcessRunner cockpit offers all the things you have to see your customer in the most effective way possible. It helps you understand all completed or on-going customer processes and have an idea of those processes. Furthermore, it helps you notice the potential service opportunities through the necessary alarm and warning mechanisms. Smart Logging module helps all the interaction be automatically logged in the most accurate way possible. It works in perfect harmony with all other systems that it is in interaction using advanced adapters. The customer-specific information is shown in a clear and net way, and its target is to help you understand your customer requests in the best way possible. There is not even one unnecessary information. Our motto is “Less is more”.

Customer related BPM

In order for you to run your entire business processes in the best way possible, Process runner BPM module models all your processes and accurately records who does what and when. As Lean Six Sigma perspective plays an important role in important product design, it offers the feedback regarding your processes in the best way possible. Thus, it helps you redesign your arrangements regarding critical processes and key points in a continuous and the most accurate way possible. While simplified and optimized business processes help you offer your customers the best services with the least efforts and the least losses, they also minimize the backlog.


Knowledge management

Morphis Knowledge Box provides the customers and employees with the exact information they need. Thanks to its smart language technology, experienced employees quickly find their ways and thus it provides the experienced staff members with the support they need. In addition, the same technology makes sure that the incoming customer contacts reach the correct team. For example, the content of the e-mails or the scanned letters are determined and the person is automatically directed. Responses can also be suggested.

Management dashboard

ProcessRunner always offers a general perspective to managers’ total customer contact volume. It is always clear what it does and when. Based on this information, detailed reports are compiled to give an idea about workloads, productivity, and customer processes, as well as the efficiency of your company. Therefore you can continue to improve your customer view, dialog screens, and processes.


LEAN dialogue screens

Are you processing a notification or applying a change? Following these procedures, it is of great importance to perfectly direct your employee or customer with the necessary workflow. The screens in ProcessRunner are arranged in a way the related exact information is blended and in a way the customer queries can be completely processed for the first time. Work rules, verifications, and information technologies form the basis of this. The result is the maximum ‘happy flowing.’