Omnichannel Customer Experience is the Driving Force Behind Excellent Customer Experiences Across Every Contact Point!

Multi-channel customer interaction falls short, the journeys of customers who interact with companies through multi-channel and inter-channel journeys are interrupted and restarts in the course of time.

Even if many companies today support many channels such as voice, e-mail and chat, they cannot maintain information exchange among these channels. If companies cannot simultaneously synchronize multi-channels in one single interaction or steer journeys or interactions in sequential steps, they cannot manage lifecycle of a customer journey failing to provide a personalized and data-consistent customer experience. To complete a single task, for a customer – such as purchasing a product, solving an enquiry, understanding a bill – mostly requires multiple and independent interactions. When a customer desires to obtain human-assisted service, in addition to self-service, he/she generally has to restart from scratch. For a voice scenario, this means calling a contact center, using an IVR and explaining the problem. In chat scenario, this means restarting a dialogue from scratch with an agent who is unaware of the problem. Such time wasting and non-aligned “channel changeover” experiences are the main reason behind the missing sales opportunities and increased operational costs and unsatisfied customers.

Solution is Omnichannel Journey Management

Omnichannel customer interaction integrates with orchestration and journey management offering the best-in-breed applications for a multi-channel contact center for excellent customer experiences delivering the effective business results.  Companies with multi-channel contact centers carry their competitive edge one step higher when they migrate to Omnichannel Interaction Center solution. With an Omnichannel Interaction Center solution, a company can offer customer experiences that are personalized and consistent across all channels, contact points and journeys.

Be the Architect of Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel Interaction Center solution manages proactively interactions and journeys that are personalized and consistent across customer lifecycle.   Automating the preparedness, effectiveness, expertise and distribution of your workforce, solution enables excellent omnichannel experiences both for agents and customers.  Migration to Omnichannel journey management is extremely easier than you expected.

Omnichannel Interaction Center solution serves as an interaction system that integrates discrete technologies and expanding your existing corporate architecture for customer interaction.  Result? It is the single solution for you to generate extraordinary customer relations, increase your revenues, build loyalty and have larger business insight.


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