Omnichannel customer interaction is the driving force behind perfect customer experiences at all contact points
Omnichannel customer interaction fails to satisfy

Journeys of the customers who interact with companies via omnichannel and interchannel journeys get interrupted and start again over time.  For example; according to the Customer Experience Board (CEB),     

  • – 58% of those calling visited the website prior to their call and 
  • – 34% surfs on the Internet while on the phone with a representative

Although many companies today support many channels such as voice, e-mail, and chat, they cannot ensure information sharing between these channels. When companies cannot simultaneously synchronize omni-channels within one single interaction or when they cannot direct the journeys or interactions in consecutive steps, they cannot manage the life cycle of the customer journey that will offer a customer experience that is customized and appropriate in terms of information. Fulfilling one single task for a customer – buying a product, solving a problem, understanding an invoice– mostly requires multiple interactions that are independent of each other. When a customer wants to obtain human-supported services in addition to self-services, he/she generally has to start all over again. In voice scenario, this means to call the communication center, use an IVR, and tell about the problem. In chat scenario, this means to start a dialog from the scratch with a representative who has no idea about the previous call. These kinds of time-wasting and unrelated “interchannel switch” experiences are the main reasons of missed sales opportunities and increased operational expenses for companies and of disappointments for customers.

The Solution is Omnichannel Journey Management

Omni-channel customer interaction brings together orchestration and journey management and offers the best omnichannel communication center practices for perfect customer experiences that produce efficient business results. Leading companies that have omnichannel communication channels switch to the Genesys Omnichannel Interaction Center solution and take the competitive advantages forwards. A company using an Omnichannel Interaction Center solution can offer consistent and customized customer experiences throughout all channels, contact points, and journeys.

Become the Architect of the Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel Interaction Center solution proactively runs consistent and customized interactions and journeys throughout the customer life cycle. The solution automates the readiness, efficiency, competence, and  distribution of your workforce and ensures perfect omnichannel experiences for both representatives and customers. Switching to omnichannel journey management is way easier than you imagine. Genesys Omni-Channel Interaction Center solution serves as your interaction system, which unifies separated technologies and broadens your existing corporate architecture aimed at customer interaction. Result? One single solution to make sure that you achieve extraordinary customer relations, increase your incomes, build loyalty, and have a larger business vision.

Omnichannel Journey Orchestration with Multimodal Interactions