Outbound Dialer Solutions

What is Outbound Dialer?

Dialer is an automatic outbound call system which improves efficiency substantially in proportion to manual calls in the call center. With the advanced outbound call algorithms, it analyses calls of customer agents and makes new call attempts with the minimum delay time. In addition, it analyses data in real time and accordingly speed up or slow down call rate. With Dialer, you can maximize your success rates and production values. With CPD support, you can capture operator prompts and improve your efficiency by connecting to the customer agent only the calls of your customers.

Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialing is a dialing type that is the most aggressive and productive one.  System makes dial just like progressive dialing and connects answered calls to the agent.  Also, during a call, it attempts to connect the calls to the agents in the shortest possible time by using the call algorithms. In this call type, data uploaded, number of agents and campaign settings etc. are analyzed and accordingly a call is made by running the predictive algorithms

Preview Dialing

In the call type, customer agents is able to preview the customer details before making a call. It is a call type preferred in exclusive customer calls and call is made by customer agent.

Progressive Dialing

In this type of call, once customer agents are ready in the system, system initiates automatic dialing and answered calls are connected to agent. System makes the call when agent is ready and does not take risk.

Robot Dialing

A type of calling without requiring a customer agent.  Data uploaded is called automatically by the system and answered calls are managed with scenarios prepared over the Viases IVR System


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