Proactive Customer Relations

In today’s competitive market environment, it has ever been becoming more difficult to gain and retain customer as well as provide services. Nevertheless, many company insists on managing customer contact points from the silos, thereby unable to benefit from the technology at the customer communication stage. In simple terms, each customer contact point is important and therefore brands must target at establishing an efficient and effective communication across all these contact points. It is possible to offer consistent, inter-channel experiences which attract the attention of customers and ensure high levels of satisfaction. Reinforcing relations, improving loyalty and minimizing unnecessary inquiries is possible if a proactive communication is established with customers through the channel they prefer. Deploying proactive communications produces a unique opportunity to increase your revenues, to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as minimize the costs. Independent of your message, customer relations can be deepened by proving attractive information to the channels preferred by customers. These channels are as follows:

  • Creating a positive first customer experience
  • Reminding customers to make payment or re-fill in the instruction form
  • Notifying customer about itinerary changes
  • Applying satisfaction surveys

Using multi-channel communication methods such as predictive, preview or progressive dialing, e-mail and SMS messages enables you to deploy proactive customer communication campaigns or individual interactions. Proactive customer relations enables to block unnecessary communications by predicting the customer requirements and offering a meaningful communication before customer contacts with your company. Proactive customer relations uses CRM customer data, comprehensive business intelligence and communication means preferred by customers all together in order to deploy ambitious campaigns or individual interactions. Using Proactive customer relations, companies can efficiently distribute inbound call workloads by implementing an outbound strategy. This approach not only provides automatic customer conversations but also proactively meets the customer requirements and improves loyalty. By providing superior business intelligence, real-time and historical data for outbound communication campaign, it enables you to manage and streamline your communication strategies so as to achieve your business targets easily.


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