Self Service

Create, distribute, and run strong self-service applications to support omnichannel customer journeys!

Self-service applications supporting omnichannel customer journeys have never been this important in today’s economy. Customer interaction at communication centers is quickly evolving with self-service applications in terms of assisted service. In the past, self-service applications were offered at communication centers by using one single specific contact point such as audio, Internet, mobile, and social contact points. This resulted in inconsistent self-service applications that varied in efficiency. The customer journeys, on the other hand, generally occurred randomly or were directed by customers.

General Overview

The new omnichannel self-service application is more dynamic than the conventional self-service application and it perfectly interacts with subsidiary services by taking each customer feature (event, profile, the second best activity etc.) into consideration.

Multimodality uses another channel in order to support and complete the information flow on a channel. A self-service approach based on multimodality not only makes customers happy but also provides them with benefits such as better work results, more sales opportunities, lower costs, and stronger brand loyalty. For example, think of an omnichannel self-service experience similar to the following experience:

When a person calls a company for help, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides that person with complementary visual information via a web browser or mobile application. Visual information completes what IVR says and can manage more complicated information sharing or survey-like interactions.

Regardless of whether on the phone, Internet, mobile apps or on more than one channel, the customers prefer simple, yet effective self-service interactions that can always be used on every channel. When this is made possible, organizations will be not only providing positive experiences through self-service but they will be also achieving the highest possible process completion percentage.

Apply the following and help your company stand out in the competition:

  • Design the IVR experience based on a customer-oriented multimodality
  • Easily automatize the routine procedures and customer interactions
  • Personalize every caller’s experience through CRM integrations
  • Take advantage of analyses in order to understand the type of the interaction between customers and your company
  • Improve the assisted service with a strong integration with IVR
  • Offer customer experiences based on multimodality in a way to use another channel in order to support and complete the information flow on a channel
  • Take the concept from one channel to another and thus make sure that customers always contact your company without any problems

Genesys Customer Experience Platform helps our customers smoothly integrate the self-service applications with the features of Proactive Customer Communication and award-winning Genesys redirecting. Use Genesys Self-Service distribution method which meets your business needs in the best way possible: Cloud, Mixed, or In-Company


Cloud-based Self-Service IVR combines the simplicity of cloud with the top of the range Genesys IVR.

Award-Winning IVR

Genesys IVR has been, for many years, recognized by sector analysts as the best IVR platform.


More than one distribution option that will meet your business needs from voluntary option and the managed service to the managed service and the platform as a service (PaaS).

Strong Tool Options

Get the right tool kit to run your IVR and self-service applications ranging from a business user-oriented and web-based “click on” functionality to the technical features of Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


Get analyses that can be transformed into actions when it comes to end-to-end customer experience and make a breakthrough in the services that you can offer to your customers.


Make sure that your self-service applications are not only limited to voice; instead, welcome your customers in their own places through e-mail, Internet, SMS, chat or mobile applications and take the concept from one channel to another in order to ensure a problem-free customer experience.

Safety and Reliability

Genesys cloud self service solutions boast PCI-level 1 and ISO 27001 certificates and are in accordance with HIPAA and the auditing standard SSAE 16. In addition, they offer 99.999% SLA (Service-Level Agreement) service capacity with geographically distributed data centers.

CRM Integration

Your CRM (, Zendesk, or others) or an integration with a different web service help you personalize all your customer integrations and thus provide them with a quick and efficient support by anticipating their reasons for calling and showing that you value their needs.

Personalized IVR

Genesys self-service solution incorporated SpeechStorm in December 2015, adding to its existing power. As SpeechStorm was previously a partner of Genesys, these features was quickly added to the Genesys Self-Service IVR offer.

In contrast to the conventional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, Genesys offers customer experiences that are personalized based on the caller’s ID, features, preferences, customer journey stage, transaction history, and previous interactions.

This makes sure that the new IVRs do not offer the same mentally confusing menus to each caller. Instead, every caller is provided with special menus including a few personal options. From time to time, IVR anticipates the caller’s reason for calling and asks the caller to verify this. Then IVR can continue to personalize the said experience during the progress of the call based on the extra information obtained or the customer behaviors.

From what we experienced, customers tend to use self-service applications twice as much when they are offered personalized options.  Even the cost that will be saved thanks to this is enough. The option to be able to talk to a call center agent should always be available, however, many calls can be solved before they are directed to communication centers by using very strong self-service alternatives. Thus, in addition to significant savings, more efficient agent distribution can also be ensured by having the agents focus on more complicated issues.  

Moreover, at the core of a perfect and problem-free customer experience is to strengthen your team taking customer calls. Genesys provides your agents with the right information so as to make sure that they know the exact stage of their customers’ journeys. In addition, it offers several tools such as a user-friendly interface in order to correct any deviation and constantly improve the customer experience.

Personalized IVR features include the following:

  • Welcoming Message Person – offering a customized experience in terms of language, tone, and voice
  • Smart Call Divert -redirecting the calls based on customer data, concept, and capacity
  • Preventives and Shock Absorbers – conditional call diversions and messages
  • Self-Service – providing customers with an option to access information and services for daily procedures
  • Dialing and Call Recognition -entering into an interaction by dialing or via voice response
  • Customer Journeys – offering customer journey-related information
PCI Payments

Genesys self-service solution incorporated SpeechStorm in December 2015, adding to its existing power. As SpeechStorm was previously a partner of Genesys, these features was quickly added to the Genesys Self-Service IVR offer.

Making sure that your customers feel safe when interacting with your company is a part of offering a perfect customer experience.  Managing sensitive customer data safely protects your customers, company, and employees. 

Genesys PCI Adapted Payment applications offer a card payment safety that carries out the procedures on time and offers a cost effective distribution. The applications make sure that no agent hear or learn about the sensitive card details, and thus they provide the customer with inner peace.

Safe payment applications can be used as part of the self-service or agent assisted interactions and are in accordance with the strict rules of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). These standards designate how the card data should be used, encoded, and stored and thus make sure that no sensitive card details are heard about or kept when a procedure is carried out as part of an agent assisted call.

When used in an agent assisted interaction, the customer can be directed to the payment capture application during an appropriate stage of the call and he/she can tell or enter his/her card’s number, expiry date, and safety code with the peace of knowing that no one will hear about the details. If deemed necessary after the payment, the call can be redirected to the agent.

Payment capture for self-service applications can be fully integrated with the personalized IVR and this makes sure that customers can make their payments via bank or credit card easily and without the need to talk to an agent.