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What is Recorder?
Recorder is an IP-based voice and screen capture system which records calls handled by a call center securely and fully.   With Recorder, you can monitor the status of all agents, listen the conversations in real time, view their screens, and view the historical records with in-depth filter fields.   Also, depending on authorizations, you can export records, add notes, flag etc. operations.

With Screen Capture function, you can save screens of agents during their conversations and monitor their actions.

Use Recorder, improve the performance of your call center.

You can apply quality management via evaluation forms that you prepared over Recorder.  You can design your own quality forms by categorizing your questions, determining the questions and answer as per your wish, applying a scoring.   You can analyze the results of evaluations made via these forms thanks to a wide range of reports.  Thanks to advanced quality management functions, you can meet quality management requirements such as automatic and random record filtering, calibration and reporting.


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