Speech Analytics

Listen to your customer's voice

Speech Analytics

In order to improve the customer experience at your company, first of all, you have to be recording the existing experience. Analyzing the recorded experience, on the other hand, forms the most critical step of the evaluation. Use the Verint Speech Analytics product to customize all the recorded speeches and analyze them within seconds thanks to its filters and high analysis technologies. Report the customer insights and give an ear to your customers with Verint privilege.

Speech Analytics

Ease of Use

It offers an easy and quick use with its user-friendly screen designs.

Call Trends Analysis

Monitor the customer communication call trends in real time.


You can monitor the calls in real time and assess them using quality management.

Call Categorization

You can categorize the predefined call trends.

Cloud Infrastructure

You can instantly monitor more than one organization and different locations with the cloud infrastructure.


You can integrate it with CRM, ERP, or any other of your applications.