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Today, more than ever number of channels are used in customer services to get contact with customers. More than ever number of technologies are needed to run this many channels and processes. Viases Cloud Call Center offers quick and effective solutions for all the channels you use to communicate with your customers. Besides you don’t need to make any technological investment! Review now.

Viases Cloud Contact Center

Viases Cloud CC is an integrated cloud platform that collects all call center solutions such as IVR, Dialer, CTI, Scripting, Voice Recording, Quality Management and Reporting under a single package and provides effective solutions to offer services to your customers through different channels. Review now.

Viases IVR

Viases IVR is an automated voice response system that serves to interact with callers by dialing or voice commands. Transactions such as invoice inquiry, debt reminder, credit card payment, survey, appointment reminder can be easily performed through the Viases IVR system without the need for a customer representative. Review now.

Viases Recorder

Viases Recorder is an IP based voice and screen recording system that records call center calls securely and completely. With Viases Recorder, you can monitor the status of all your representatives, listen to the calls live, view their monitors, and view your history records with detailed filter fields. You can also export the records depending on the authorization, add notes, flag marking, etc. Review now.

Viases CPD

Call Progress Detection is an important tool for the predictive search system used by dialer systems in terms of performing efficient external search campaigns. Review now.

Viases Scripter

Scripter is a system which automates many processes regarding how the call center agent should address the customer, introduce himself/herself, inform and direct the customer, and meet the objections; which can be quickly and easily designed for each and every campaign; and which guides the call center agent from the beginning of the call to the end. Review now.

Viases Digital Channels

Viases Cloud CC is an omnichannel system that supports not only the audio channel, but also chat, email and social media channels. Thanks to the integrated system, you can serve your customers via chat, email, social media, and you can provide customer satisfaction quickly and efficiently by using ready made answers and templates. Review now.

Viases Dialer

Viases Dialer is an automatic outbound call system that increases the efficiency in call centers compared to manual calls.With Viases Dialer, you can keep your transportation rates and production values ​​to the maximum. With Viases CPD support, you can detect operator announcements and increase your efficiency by connecting only customer calls to customer representatives. Review now.

Viases Campaign Manager

Viases Campaign Manager is a web-based campaign management system that provides interfaces to all products in the Viases product family. With this interface you will have the opportunity to manage the products you will use for your call center under a single roof. Review now.

Viases Video Call

Our Video Call solution is a solution which enables video chat between Client and Customer Representative.Our web-based solution is powered by WebRTC technology. Client starts video chat via web interface or integrated mobile interface, and is directed to an available customer representative. Review now.

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