Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics authentication operates by recording voices and translating the record to a voice-text.   Algorithms are used in order to verify if data points in a phone conversation match with those of voice-report.

There must a voice notifications via active or passive authentication of customers.  Active authentication requires two data pieces, a transition sentence and some other information.  Passive authentication is where the first conversation of customer with an agent is recorded and then translated into a voice-text.  In both cases, voice of customer is compared with a previously stored voice-mail in order to authenticate him/her.

User name and password are proven to be insufficient for a correct authentication, and biometrics authentication is proven to be most secure solution to prevent fraud. 

Using voice authentication is like using a fingerprint.  Identity details cannot be changed since right algorithms are used for authentication. 

Voice Biometrics offers high levels of sensitivity and does not require additional facilities such as eye scanning or fingerprint other than just a microphone.


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