Workforce Optimization

Increase the employee performance


Workforce optimization helps you completely integrate with your call center infrastructure and get advanced workflow management and improve the call center agent performance.

Verint WFO will introduce you to the technologies that will increase your company productivity from end to end. Let the solutions offered specific to your company increase the customer satisfaction and employee performance. Use workforce optimization to optimize the complicated systems and use your resources in the most efficient way possible. Bring your processes to perfection by making pinpoint detections using detailed reports. You can get to know the Verint Workforce Optimization solutions better and receive your specific solutions through SYS’ expert team

İş Gücü Optimizasyonu

Workforce Optimization helps you follow the project-based processes and carry out performance management.  You can compare multiple organizations of your company with each other and carry out your measurements according to your decided workforce optimization KPIs. You can get responses for many important aspects of your call center such as voice analysis and performance management system.

Performance Management

Performance management helps you measure your company employees’ performances on an individual, team, and organizational basis and carry out an evaluation by measuring all your important KPIs together such as customer experience, sales management, marketing performance, call performance, service performance, and support performance.