Workload Management

Improve the workforce efficiency and end-to-end experience with corporate workforce management

Organizations must focus on creating perfect customer experiences and omnichannel customer journeys in their call centers in order to increase their customer loyalty levels. However, the common business practices regarding corporate workload management can risk the customer loyalty..

Managing the End-To-End Customer Journey

With each passing day call centers become more and more efficient and productive organizations when it comes to using different communication channels such as voice, e-mail, chat, and even social media interactions. But when it comes to following the customer calls or managing the offline work tasks, these a significant decrease is seen in the productivity level as these offline work elements are not managed using the same principles with the interaction channels.

Back Office Optimization

In a typical customer services organization, offline work elements are not managed and the time necessary to determine these elements is not followed. This situation makes it almost impossible to optimize the productive work time of your representatives. Back office employees, on the other hand, can be far less productive based on customer operations. Work elements are saved in much different application or system, and when your employees are “looking for” another task that should be addressed they can spend the time inefficiently, or what is worse is that they can “prefer” what they like the most instead of fulfilling the most important tasks. Genesys research showed that 28% of the time of the back office employees is spent for fulfilling the unproductive tasks.

Improve the Productivity Thanks to Automation

Executives have to run different data sets in order to manually assign the tasks to their teams and follow-up the productivity.  This limited perspective regarding the workload reduces your operational productivity and causes tasks to accumulate and service level agreements to get negatively affected. Finally, your customers experience inconsistency and delays in your service and try to contact you to learn about the reasons for this situation. This situation adds a new unproductiveness and complexity layer to the management of the end-to-end customer experience.
Genesys’ solutions aimed at corporate workload management bring the real-time presence of your call center agents and back office staff together with the skill-based direction opportunities. Now your executives can run their offline communication center tasks and back office work elements more efficiently.