An interview with Bülent Soysal from Albaraka Türk

We talked with Bülent SOYSAL about SYS and call center technologies.

What is the biggest reason behind why you attach such an importance to call center technologies?

There are two important reasons, of which one is the customer satisfaction. The second one is about the call center technologies’ ability to reduce the workload on the call center agents by dealing with the customer requests using the interactive voice response method.

What are the most important call center technologies that you use?

We use voice signature, call string, and ACD. We want to combine the inbound and outbound. We have Genesys in inbound and SYS in outbound We want to have both of them see each other and agents work together. For the future, we are planning to enter into a dialer process.

What is the most important factor that made you switch to SYS when it comes to call center operations?

Albaraka Türk purchased a telephone central in 1998 and it was installed in 2002. Our acquaintance with SYS dates back to 2002. As SYS provides us with any kind of support, we never had a problem when using their products. We now use their new product Viases Recorder and our journey continues without any problem. We also worked with different companies. But SYS offers a lot more advantages. After-sales support is very important for companies like us. SYS provides us with after-sales services as quick and timely as possible. Among other reasons why we opted for SYS are their price costs and skills. This makes sure that we are integrated into the system right away. The most important thing is that we are able to get a complete technical support. You can purchase a product and have difficulties in using it.  No matter how great a product you purchased from a company, if the relevant company doesn’t provide you with a strong technical team then you may face problems.  If you face this kind of a situation, you may have to change companies. SYS has never put us in a difficult situation in this sense.

What was the progress you made with SYS? How did it contribute?

Prior to working with SYS, we used to do everything manually which we go for automatically and this definitely provided us with about 30-35%-workforce gain. Thanks to this, we reached the right customer with the right resource and reduced the possibility of making mistakes. In brief, we can say that we increased our productivity and flexibility. We provided convenience in everything from data verifications to other things, and we gained an error-free structure that can be easily managed.

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