Cloud computing is a model that provides a network connection to the pool where on-demand and easily-accessible, ready-to-use, and configurable computer sources are shared.

In addition to reducing operational costs, cloud technologies have become the main point when it comes to offering practicability and visible productivity for everyone who uses radical business inventions, new business models, and informatics. Based on business needs, cloud services and cloud models provide both the public sector and the private sector with safe and flexible informatics source that is always accessible. When we take a look at the usage scenarios, lower informatics costs and easier management stand out in addition to flexibility and accessibility. When switching to cloud computing, all cloud models and services should be taken into consideration, scenarios regarding a switch to cloud should be prepared, the possible cloud economy should be checked out, the infrastructure change and transformation together with the company business manner model change and transformation should be considered, and finally a cloud strategy should be created. As its infrastructure allows, I believe it will be logical for the municipalities switch to cloud computing. When doing this, we can use the experiences gained from the health sector which allows for the authorized doctors, patients, and hospitals reach medical data when needed – something which became a popular application all over the world following the developments seen first in telecommunication and then in social networks.  I believe cryptography and encryption in addition to other service contract matters should also be taken into consideration when carrying out this passage. I see that it is crucial for our country to attach more importance on the information sector in the legal area. I recommend for those who want to benefit from cloud computing that they should begin with simple steps and then proceed in accordance with a project plan and calculate in advance the models, the service types, as well as the necessary changes and transformations both in information technologies and the company structure, and that finally they should pay the necessary attention to service contracts.

The features of cloud computing are as follows:

*Large scalability

* Homogeneity



*Low cost

*Service oriented

*Advanced safety

Change and Transformation – Infrastructure Transformation: It would be more appropriate to switch to the cloud computing application in a testing environment as is the case with all the new technological applications. This would provide your employees with the chance to get to know the cloud without disrupting other critical tasks.

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