Everything About Scripter with SYS General Manager Tümer Gürkok

What does a scripter mean to a call center?

Call centers are today’s technological communication centers, which boast the highest amount of business volume and employment opportunities in the service sector and which house many business lines.  Some call centers work in the blended structure whereas some specialize in telesales. These kinds of call centers were established to make sales on the phone.Their aim is to reach the highest number of customers within the shortest time possible in order to sell the target goods using direct or cross-selling techniques and ensure customer satisfaction in the end. The race against time and the selling techniques are complicated processes that conflict with each other. To this end, trying to make sales on the phone or give support regarding certain services and products is a very difficult job that requires important skills.As for quality management, there are certain words that the agents are expected to use and there is a standard as to how to make sales. In addition, it always changes a lot as to how much it will take for even a fully-fledged person to become productive.  It is of great importance that call center agents introduce them to the customers in an accurate way, address the customers in an appropriate way, use alternative techniques, meet the objections in the best way possible, and successfully end a call, as well as not to get out of the context.It was not long ago that call center agents were being subject to constant training sessions and were being supported with various materials so that they could deal with a desired amount of calls and manage the customers in order to get the challenges mentioned above and processes optimized. And this was causing employers a significant amount of loss of time and additional costs. As a result of these needs, the scripter concept emerged to standardize and measure the deviations and improve the processes. Scripter is a system which automates many processes regarding how the call center agent should address the customer, introduce himself/herself, inform and direct the customer, and meet the objections; which can be quickly and easily designed for each and every campaign; and which guides the call center agent from the beginning of the call to the end.Scripter helps the entire call flow be determined in advance and the call center agent to be directed during the call in the best way possible.As it automates all these processes, scripter is of great importance for call centers. It significantly contributes to the sales performance, time management, workforce management, quality measurement, and productivity.

What are the criteria of a successful scripter application?

Can it be also used for inbound operations?

Call centers simultaneously work on many outbound sales and churn kind of business purposes/campaigns and continuously add new campaigns to their business plans. Every campaign has its own scripts, speech standards, and dynamics. One campaign may require calling the customer in order to give information whereas another campaign may require calling the customer in order to receive information or make sales. That’s why the script content varies from campaign to campaign. The most fundamental feature expected from the scripter application is that it has the equipment and flexibility that will allow for this content to be easily designed and that it is capable of addressing the end user in terms of programming. At SYS, we take the following criteria into consideration for our scripter products and develop a successful product that features the equipment and flexibility to meet all customer requests. We can list the general features that a successful scripter application should have as follows:

– It should be easy to use.

– Its page structure should be designed in any desired way and it should include all the controls that may be needed during the design process.

– It should offer the convenience to help the script content be arranged in a dynamic way. As it receives data from many channels during a call, it should also be able to convey data.

– It should have the necessary flexibility so that the script flow can be determined by the user.

– It should allow for the opportunity to dynamically carry out mathematical and textual calculations during a call.

– It should be easily integrated with any system or application.

What are the advantages that the scripter applications offer when it comes to successful outbound operations and productive call center agents?

Do they contribute to dialer systems?

A scripter application must work in integration with the relevant dialer system. Based on the closed result code, the algorithm of the dialer system can be arranged and the call access rate can be increased. At this point, staging is an important concept. When you approach the end of the or come to the relevant page within the script, a call taking directive can be sent to the dialer system. Thus, a new call can be organized while the on-going call is about to end. And this is a time-saving method. As we previously mentioned, the time to be saved will do good when it comes to managing the workforce, making sales, and gaining new customers, as well as in terms of the business volume that can be created in a unit of time. The algorithms of dialer systems are complicated, and different algorithms can be used based on operational purposes. The working performance of these algorithms completely works with statistical analyses according to the relation between the realized data and estimated data. As mentioned above, a result code that can be created thanks to the scripter products will form a measurable dataset, and this will ensure an access rate optimization and help gain new customers who can bring along additional sales opportunities – if the aim is to make sales.

How does it contribute to campaign success rates?

All campaigns require different scripts according to their goals, and scripts to be prepared by taking into consideration the theme of a campaign are of great importance when it comes to the success of that campaign. The campaign can be updated and the success rate can be increased by completing the missing points according to the progress of the campaign. The campaign success rate is not a parameter that can be evaluated all alone, it should be evaluated with all other processes. A contribution is made to the success and a measurable data set is obtained by optimizing the processes with the scripter according to the customer data and call purpose, and as a result, business processes can be optimized and customer behaviors can be analyzed in accordance with quality management processes. The campaign success rate for the entire process gets in a shape allowing it to be calculated using variables.  Thus the scripter will make both a significant direct and indirect contribution to the campaign success.

What are its advantages for the reporting process?

The scripter has an infrastructure that is useful for the reporting process. Campaign data are produced during calls and saved in the relevant database at the end of the calls. As data is kept in a certain format, it can be easily reported. Various reports can be obtained according to the number of sales and calls or according to call center agent or campaign theme. When these reports are integrated with the quality management processes, the right calls can be evaluated based on the right processes and a contribution can be made to the optimization of business processes, and furthermore, a contribution is made to the flows that can be integrated with performance management processes in order to optimize the cost-based gains of call center agents. In the end, only the measurable data can be given a meaning and the processes can be managed by taking these data as the reference. The parametric details and the familiarity  with the reporting infrastructure both make an indisputable contribution to these processes. Which factors should be taken into consideration in terms of the integration with other relevant applications? It is very important that the scripter is adaptable to a third party application or different dialer systems. As it can be called by different applications, it should also be able to call the customer’s existing applications. At SYS, we have always prioritized these criteria in all our scripter products. It is very important for the call center agents to work on a single screen in order to manage the calls. To this end, the scripter application should also be able to help open the customer’s applications such as CRM on the same screen. Being able to use the same screen will positively affect the call center agents regarding the screen procedures, attention, concentration, and focusing. That’s why the scripter application that can be integrated with different applications provides an interface allowing for the data to be managed and followed from one single center, and the operational results of this amount to, as we previously mentioned, top-quality service, successful sales, happy customers, and happy call center agents – all of which will be made possible by a productive working.   Thus, the most important criteria that should be taken into consideration for the integration of scripter applications are based on how much the call center systems can be integrated with data flows and how many advantages are offered by the results of this process.

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