Çağrı Merkezi Motivasyon

Call center means motivation. Ensuring the employee motivation is one of the most important problems of call centers. Many factors from salaries and shift working right to training sessions and interior decoration should be taken into consideration for call center agents who are expected to offer through one single call the fastest service of the highest quality. In our country, the call centers completed the first ten-year infancy period not only with problems but also with Europe-wide successes. The technical infrastructure instruments which were very expensive during the first years are today common and cheap. However, the complaints coming from employees are increasing with each passing day. At this point, a question arises as to how an ideal call center should be like for both employers and employees. How can we make the company, employees, and customers happy at the same time? Considering our country conditions, the establishment of an ideal call center in our country based on abroad examples in particular can be a challenging process not just because of material conditions but also because of inexperience, However it is possible to establish our future on stronger foundations by making a brief research in literature in order to check out the experiences and books by our European and American friends who entered the call center business tens of years before we did.

A call center has one simple goal: To offer the fastest service of the highest quality. Call centers try to provide their customers with all of their desired services through one single phone call. When the goal is this, many factors must be created in an ideal way and many technical applications must be carried out in an ideal way. At this very point, perhaps we will have to go for a reorganization with developments specific to call centers in order not to compromise on call quality while trying to become the fastest and not to compromise on call speed while trying to offer the top quality services.

We have to say that we know what is important for employees when it comes to call center motivation. You can produce solution ways if you know what is important to them. Call center agents want to be involved in the business, be informed of any situation, and have a voice in the decision mechanism as much as possible, according to nation-wide surveys carried out in the U.S. They want to be appreciated.

They want to hear nice words in return for their difficult and stressful job. They want a future. They want their career paths, future training sessions, and improvement areas to be determined in advance, they want written procedures that will offer them another career in the other departments of the company, and most importantly, they want these wishes to be respected.

If you respect this situation and establish a quality communication with your employees, you can be assured that you will succeed as a company.

Source: This writing was taken from the article called How to Ensure the Motivation of Call Center Employees? available at the address

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  1. Employee motivation is really needed during this pandemic so that they do not get negative and demotivated. Every organization can either conduct motivational programs for their employees which can actually be very helpful. Thank you so much for putting up this article.

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