Net-Ka, which carried out an important ‘first’ with SYS, took its Diyarbakır call center to cloud.


Amiral Ayyıldız who underlined that Net-Ka Telecommunication Call Center is a company that carries out both call center services and telesales and retail sale procedures shared information about their corporate structure. Founded in 2010 to operate in the call center field, the company offers call center support both to the private sector and the public sector not only in Istanbul but also in different points of Anatolia. Ayyıldız who said that they have on-going efforts to strengthen their efficiency in the public sector stated that they offer inbound, outbound services and telesales services at the call center. Following this statement, Ayyıldız gave examples regarding the change in traditional call center structure. According to him, a call center agent was asked to call 20-30 numbers in the past but today the process is very different. As pointed out by Ayyıldız who said “Our call center agent does not see the number or the person, he/she does not have to write a number in somewhere, you know that the call is made and that everything is under control,” the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard ensures customer information confidentiality. The system processes in compliance with the goals. As Ayyıldız indicated, first of all, an increased efficiency and strengthened performance await the companies which embraced innovations by getting rid of the traditional call center structure.

Your call center is ready you just make sure you have Internet connection

Upon seeing this potential, Net-Ka spent recent years searching the right business partner to improve the infrastructure at their call center. Ayyıldız who said that “But we just couldn’t get our desired efficiency” made the following statement to tell about how their cooperation with SYS developed.

“We focused on the question ‘what things can we do?’ when discussing with SYS about our needs. SYS is a company that understands the needs of companies. We are using the Viases program developed by SYS. It’s an ideal program meeting our needs compared to many other programs. We are talking about a platform where at least 200,000 people work in Turkey. Viases is in the first ranks in this sector when it comes to usage.”

Net-Ka and SYS cooperation date back to about 8 months. “SYS introduced us to its cloud structure. Therefore we passed to the second stage in the call center structure,” added Ayyıldız who emphasized that they can always reach SYS’ service and support. Instead of a standard structure that other applications offer, SYS provides customized structures in accordance with specific needs. In fact, cloud technologies exist in every point of our individual and corporate life. According to Ayyıldız, “It’s one of the firsts in the call center sector, though.” “We trust SYS’ infrastructure and team.

That’s why we did not feel any hesitation in switching to this technology. The cost is minimized in this structure.  You can make the installation in which ever location you want and access your data, you never have any problems in terms of information security and speed. A suitable Internet connection is enough. To this end, we are very satisfied with the cloud.”

Istanbul and new locations will also position on the cloud. During the time passed, Net-Ka took its entire Diyarbakır call center employing about 60 people to the cloud. There is a system progressing in parallel with its Istanbul location. This parallel progress creates an opportunity to easily see the plus sides of the cloud structure. For this very reason, the goal is to take the Istanbul call center to the cloud structure as well. Data is kept at Net-Ka’s data center and this relieves the companies who are customers of Net-Ka. Cloud technologies, which remove the need to constantly invest in IT infrastructure in order to help with the ever-increasing voice records, mean an increased productivity in the call center structure. “8 months helped us create a success story in taking the call center to the cloud and achieve a first of its kind work,” said Ayyıldız who also shared their goals. Several more call center locations again in eastern cities are on the agenda and these planned locations will also use the cloud technology. Because this structure becomes “irreplaceable”, as Ayyıldız puts it, thanks to its benefits and is advantageous both for employees and customers. “All you have to do is to provide your call center location with a fiber connection,” said Amiral Ayyıldız who continued to tell about their projects. “And this means you can get to all places. Cloud technology removes the requirement of assigning an IT supervisor to every single location. In the end, the fact that the cloud structure is a system that can be supported from outside offers a whole different advantage. To this end, we are planning two other cloud tech-based call centers in 2015. We will also take the Istanbul call center to cloud structure by the first quarter of 2015. The advantages of the cloud technology are obvious, and we partner with SYS in this, and it’s a structure searching for responses to all our problems and requests and offering solutions.”

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