Real-time feedback helps employee performances increase faster and accurately.


You can follow-up your employees’ behaviors with your set-goals. Make the KPI descriptions and assign the duties. Help them follow-up their own performances together with you.


You can speed up and measure the training process using both the examinations that will be carried out with micro training and the data bank that can be immediately accessed.

Increase the Employee Commitment


Gamification is a set of philosophies and methods aimed at using game-related concepts and actions in non-game activities and making these activities more effective and beneficial. First of all, gamification does not mean a game. But it means including game-related awarding systems and competition elements to non-game elements in areas such as the business life in particular by also using digital game design techniques, and finally making them interactive and attractive.

Game and Gamification



  • There are objects and rules to use them.
  •  There is a win and lose.
  • There is a story and a design according to that story.
  • It should be designed as a whole and run alone.
  • The production is very expensive and complicated.


  •  Rules are mostly for completing the duties.
  • Generally there is no losing, it is mostly supported to make people take action.
  • It supports the kind of the process it is originally applied for.
  • It integrates with the existing process, but works separately.
  • The integration is simple.


Gamification approach has different descriptions according to the environment and discipline it is used for. But the common point of these descriptions is that they refer to the applications which improve the motivation of the individuals and make them more willing to be included to the process and which make that process more appealing under certain key motivation metrics.

External Motivation

  • Money
  • Badge
  • Reward
  • Penalty
  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Promotion

Internal Motivation

  • Expertise
  • Volunteering
  • Objective
Stimulate Your Employees

How and Why it works

It stimulates the human psychology and reveals what really motivates us. Relate the gamification with objectives and enhance the performance. Make them feel bright, successful, and valuable. Help them discover new things and prove their knowledge so that they can learn how to compete and win. Award them by offering ranks or titles.


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