Physical Safety at Call Centers

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It is not possible to implement an information safety management system in an environment lacking physical safety. Thus, obstacles such as barrages, barriers, fences, walls, wire fences etc. should be positioned in the appropriate places of the building in order to ensure the environmental safety. No obstacle is impassable. Obstacles should be kept under supervision.

Call centers may have more than one customer and thus more than one operation hall according to the needs of their sector and/or sectors. In order to ensure the safety of the operation halls, entrances and exits should be taken under control and authorizations should be given in accordance with the business needs.

The rules that should be followed by the visitors and the rules that determine how the agents should use the physical environments, as well as the subjects such as authorizations must be decided in accordance with policies, procedures, and directives.

It is also important to ensure the safety of the parking lots used especially by night-shift employees who want to come to the work by their cars. Positioning the parking  lot within the main building or, if not possible, as close as to the main building, as well as ensuring sufficient amount of lighting, providing protection around the area, monitoring the area via surveillance cameras, and making sure the safety guards take necessary measures are also required for the safety of employees.

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