Proactive Customer Relations

In today’s competitive market environment, acquiring, serving and retaining customers is becoming more and more difficult every day. However, many companies continue to manage customer contact points from silos and do not use technology effectively in the customer care phase. Simply put, each customer contact point is important and brands should aim to communicate efficiently and effectively across all of these contact points. It is possible to provide consistent, cross-channel experiences that engage customers and deliver high satisfaction. Strengthening relationships, increasing loyalty and reducing unnecessary inquiries can only be possible by proactively communicating with customers through their preferred channel.
Using proactive communication creates a unique opportunity to increase company revenues, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce expenses.
  • Creating a positive first customer experience,
  • Notifying the customer of travel changes,
  • Reminding customers to pay or refill the instruction form,
  • Organizing satisfaction surveys.
It allows you to unleash proactive customer communication campaigns orusing multi-channel communication multi-channel communication using multi-channel communication methods such as predictive, preview or progressive dialing, email and SMS messages . Proactive customer relationships enable you to prevent unwanted situations by anticipating customer needs or providing meaningful communication before the customer contacts your company.
As SYS (Voice Response Systems) , by using a combination of CRM customer data, comprehensive business intelligence and communication methods preferred by customers and by implementing a proactive communication strategy, we efficiently control the call density, meet the needs of our customers in the most efficient way, in order to realize
high-target campaigns or individual interactions. We are well received.
As SYS, we continue to work with our superior service understanding in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with 30+ years and more than 5000 installed systems.