Appointment Reminder Application

Viases Appointment Reminder System is used to remind and confirm the appointments of your patients whose appointment date is predetermined. The system automatically calls the patient who has already made an appointment from the registered phone number. It reads the appointment date, time, doctor’s name to the patient and asks him to confirm the appointment, and also offers the patient the option to cancel the appointment on this date and time and to make a new appointment since it works integrated with the Hospital Automation System (HIMS). In this way, there is no loss of appointment. These calls can be made to different groups at different times with different scenarios.

With Viases Appointment Reminder System;

  • With the Viases IVR Survey module, you can make a survey with the customer via IVR without ending the call to measure customer satisfaction in incoming calls, get the results from the reports, and measure the satisfaction with the service received through the system by calling the customers after the call.
    • You can reduce the time spent on manual searches and the overall cost.
    • With the customer satisfaction and survey calls module, you can find the answers to all questions through daily, weekly and monthly reports.