Video call

What is a Video Call?

Video Call is a solution that allows the Customer and the Customer Representative to have a live call over their screens. WebRTC technology is used in this web-based solution. The customer initiates a video call via the Web interface or the integrated mobile interface and is transferred to the appropriate customer representative. As soon as the customer representative accepts the call, the customer and the representative start the video call. The interviews are recorded and these conversations are listened over a web interface.
During the interview, if the representative deems necessary, he can record a certain part of the conversation and / or the customer’s screen for evidence purposes. These short videos and screenshots can be accessed via the provided web interface. At the same time, the face image of the customer on the screen can be taken and transmitted to 3rd party systems for face verification during the call.
With Viases Video Call solution, you can maximize customer satisfaction by offering your customers a different communication channel other than voice and written channels. Apart from this, you can enable your hearing-impaired customers to communicate with your call center and make conversations in sign language.