Citizen Information System

It can be applied to inform all citizens of Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce and Public Institutions about campaigns, additional services, announcements and events.

The relevant campaign, announcement or additional service is pre-defined on the system and search planning is made. All citizens registered in the system for the campaign on the planned date are automatically called and the relevant announcement is made. If the person called has answered; relevant announcement or campaign information is provided.

Thanks to the Viases Outbound Call Module, consultancy services will be accelerated, campaigns will reach more contacts, and the efficiency of your call center will increase.

By adding Viases Outbound Call Module to your system, you can provide all information about your announcements, additional services or your citizens’ own accounts, and you can do all of these without a customer representative.

Use of Viases in Municipalities;

  • You can listen to the voice messages you want to convey privately to the public,
  • Announcing your social activities such as theatre, cinema, conference and seminar to be held in your district,
  • Real estate and other tax payments can be collected 24/7 with the integration of virtual pos through the automation program of the Municipality and Chambers of Commerce.
  • Can inform about additional health services added to the health center,
  • You can provide information about infrastructure works (such as electricity, water, natural gas cuts..),
  • Announcing the updates made in the transportation service or service hours,

Use of Viases in Chambers of Commerce;

  • Chambers of Commerce; Registration, announcement, room registration procedures and application results,
  • Dues transactions and company debt status,
  • Resolution of commercial disputes through arbitration,
  • On-line information requests from your services in the database,
  • Documentation and approval processes,
  • Can learn commercial visa procedures and application results and obtain information.

External call module integrated with virtual pos system can be used for debt collection. The IVR system is integrated with the virtual pos services you receive from the bank, and the customer can make the payment by typing the card information on the IVR if he wishes.

In order to use the Virtual Pos feature, the customer representative can transfer the incoming calls to the IVR collection step, the incoming calls can be paid directly on the IVR, or the customers called with Robot Dialer can be directed to the payment step by the system. The amount to be collected on the system will be transferred to the IVR menu after the customer representative enters the information from the Viases web interface.