Call Process Detection (CPD)

What is Call Process Detection?

It is an important call analysis tool used to increase efficiency in outbound campaigns, especially in cases where the predictive calling method is preferred.

Viases CPD can detect operator announcements and connects only calls answered by customers to the customer representative. Viases CPD provides not only answering machine detection but also categorization of voices using voice analysis algorithms.
  • Increases call center outbound performance.
  • Prevents customers from being disturbed by identifying rejected calls.
  • It transmits the exact information about the call to the dialer system within five seconds.
  • It detects the announcements of GSM operators within 5 seconds in unreachable calls.
  • Identifies unused numbers, prevents callbacks and deletes them
  • Provides detailed analysis of operator announcements.
  • Can be integrated with all other automatic dialer systems.
  • Offers optimization tools for accurate detection of operator announcements.
  • It works independently of call center systems and can be integrated with all major dialer systems.
  • It has various filtering options and flexible interface reporting tools.