Workforce Optimization (WFO)

What is Workforce Optimization?

By integrating the Workforce Optimization (Shift Planning) solution into the infrastructure of your Call Center;
  • Can make serious improvements in Workflow Management and Agent Performance,
  • can use your resources in the most efficient way by optimizing complex shifts,
  • can follow project-based processes.
  • You can perfect your processes by making pinpoint determinations with detailed reports,
  • you can compare more than one organization within your business,

  • can make your measurements according to the Workforce Optimization KPIs you have determined,
  • You can get answers to many important topics such as Voice Analysis and Performance Management System of your Call Center.
Performance management; It allows you to measure and evaluate the performances of the employees in your business individually, team and organization on the basis of all of the KPIs that are priority for you, such as Customer Experience, Sales Management, Marketing Performance, Call Performance, Service Performance, Support Performance.