Audio & Text Analysis

What is Audio and Text Analysis?
To improve the quality of your Call Center, you should analyze the details of your customers’ conversation content. The necessary solution for this process is Audio and Text Analysis.
By converting the conversations between the representative and the customer into text with Voice and Text Analysis, you can get a detailed report on all the content during the conversation. Thanks to this system, you can increase the efficiency of many quality management processes, such as forms of address, use of slang words, correct information, and mastery of the subject, without having to listen to the interviews of all customer representatives one by one.
With this solution, you can analyze all conversations in seconds thanks to customizable filters and advanced voice recognition technology.
  • It provides easy and fast use with its user-friendly screen designs.
  • You can monitor calls in real time and evaluate them with quality management.
  • You can monitor multiple organizations and different locations instantly with the cloud infrastructure.
  • You can monitor call trends in customer communication in real time.
  • You can integrate it with your CRM, ERP or other applications.