Our outsource customers can quickly respond to their customers’ requests thanks to Viases’ flexible and advanced architecture. All the outsource companies we work with have succeeded in getting ahead of their competitors in terms of reach rates and production values ​​by making efficient campaign calls with the different advantages offered by our Outbound Call module.
With our advanced IVR application, detailed reception scenarios and outbound call campaigns can be designed and service can be provided without the need for a customer representative.



  • Credit card sales calls
  • Informational calls (IVR)
  • Periodic campaign calls (Motor vehicle tax payment, fee payment, etc.)
  • Renewal calls
  • New sales calls
  • Over quota searches (IVR)
  • Satisfaction surveys (IVR)

Food Industry

Insurance Industry

  • Order mixing (IVR + Inbound)
  • Survey calls (Outbound)
  • Individual retirement separation persuasion calls


  • Kredi kartı satış aramaları
  • Bilgilendirme aramaları (IVR)
  • Dönemsel kampanya aramaları (Motorlu taşıt vergisi ödeme, harç ödeme vs.)


  • Yenileme aramaları
  • Yeni satış aramaları
  • Kota aşım aramaları (IVR)
  • Memnuniyet anketleri (IVR)

Gıda Sektörü

  • Sipariş karışlama (IVR + Inbound)
  • Anket aramaları (Outbound)

Sigortacılık Sektörü

  • Bireysel emeklilik ayrılma ikna aramaları