E-Commerce / Retail

E-Commerce, Retail Industry
Call Center Solutions

We serve our customers with the solutions we offer in different channels in the field of e-commerce. Customer satisfaction of e-commerce companies is more critical than many sectors. Therefore, in addition to the voice channel, they serve their customers through chat, e-mail and social media channels. At this point, our Viases solutions come to the fore. It is possible to provide services through voice, chat, e-mail and social media channels on a single platform, providing the opportunity to manage customers coming through different channels more easily and accurately.


  • Order status inquiry (IVR)
  • Chat Service, E-Mail Service
  • Survey Calls (IVR)
  • Churn, Callback Calls
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Cargo status inquiry (IVR)
  • Campaign Information Calls
  • Kampanya Bilgilendirme Aramaları
  • Sosyal Medya Yönetimi (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Kargo durum sorgulama(IVR)