Call Center Solutions

The right and quality service you provide to your customers is the main factor that separates you from your competitors.
Organizations looking for ways to seamlessly and cost-effectively modernize call centers that bridge the gap between customers and the firm need to consider some changes:
Virtualized Customer Service
It has become more and more difficult to have enough employees in your contact center who can efficiently use the diverse range of customer interactions and have the appropriate training. But now you can ensure that each customer reaches the most appropriate representative. Many companies like yours are virtualizing their Contact centers to get the most out of their most important asset, their employees. It’s easy to create a powerful, virtualized customer service environment that routes all customer interactions between your departments, teams, and locations.
IP Based Infrastructure
First of all, the future of hardware-based switchboard systems with high operating costs and difficult to implement is uncertain. The lagging PBX infrastructure limits ACD’s functionality and offers limited expandability features. The lack of interoperability and upgradability of PBXs has led organizations to seek more flexible and dynamic solutions. With the power and flexibility offered by the SIP-enabled ACD changeover, organizations have the freedom to adapt rapid architectural and management models to their businesses and launch new applications and services. IP software switches, ACD as software application layer and SIP implementation are the trigger components of this evolution.
Replacing the End-of-Life ACD
Near the end of the Automated Call Distributor (ACD) system lifecycle, it becomes more and more costly and risky to maintain the equipment. Forced updates and the possibility of outages have made replacing this technology a fundamental step in serving today’s customers.
Multi-Channel Interaction Management
Multi-channel interaction points have made the end-to-end customer journey very complex. The platform, which stores the interaction history with scope information, makes the conversations efficient when customers switch between channels. It supports multiple digital channels, including web (email, forms, chat, WebRTC, social media) and mobile (SMS/MMS messages, self-service, apps) to deliver consistent experiences regardless of the channel used.


Viases Contact Center IP-Based Telephone and Call Center system is a product that stands out with the productivity increase, efficiency and customer satisfaction advantages it offers to companies in Turkey and around the world.

From the first contact with the customer to after-sales technical support services, the calls from the customer must be handled professionally. The performance of your telephone system or Customer Service Call Center directly affects the success of your company.

A call center system that is easy to use, simple to update, integrated with any application,

Switchboard, Call Center, Digital Voice Recording System, Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), Internet Telephony infrastructure, Comprehensive Reporting, Real-Time Statistical Information, Automatic Greeting, Unlimited Voice Messages, Instant Messaging, Personal Status Management features are all at your fingertips on a single platform. will be,

By increasing the productivity of your employees, you will reduce (minimize) your costs, you will have reporting and evaluation tools,

Thanks to a scalable, flexible, reliable and measurable Call Center, you will be able to balance service level and cost.

With the IVR application, most of the customer requests will be met automatically without connecting to a customer representative, your personnel costs will decrease, and human errors will decrease.

Viases Contact Center is completely brand-independent on both computer and phone-related components. You can immediately become a Viases Contact Center user via your IP phone and/or PC connected to the Internet. Since the hardware used is standard and brand independent, you only invest in the software. As the system can expand to suit your needs, your investment is protected. Viases Contact Center is ready to grow with your business.

At the heart of Viases Contact Center are call center queues that can be easily configured with one click using the admin interface. For each queue;

How to distribute calls to customer representatives can be selected,

  • Announcements that callers will hear on hold can be customized,

  • Desired messages can be given between the waiting music,
  • Callers can be provided to enter data,
  • Call priority is configurable,
  • Automatic call recording can be made and
  • All other call center settings can be easily managed.

To continue to improve Call Center Solutions performance and profitability, call center managers need to be able to analyze data. Viases Contact Center offers different ways for you to monitor agent statuses, queue performances and statistics instantly. Current and historical performances are compared. For more detailed analysis, you can use the Viases Contact Center reporting tool, which offers graphical and textual reports, and you can make detailed analyzes with reports presented in Microsoft Excel forms.